Secret documents TikTok leak, so Don T Want No Ugly people


One is that is said to be present in the algorithm TikTok shows that this app is no discrimination against a group Social media platforms TikTok is one of the app-based short videos on Android and iOS.

Since the in the year 2016, was held by Zhang Yiming, TikTok-to-date and developed by byte dance.

Turns into one of the applications that have been downloaded many million times by smartphone users, so that the platform share this short video has a lot of fans.

In addition, TikTok also produces a number of factors, some of which are known by the application.

With the image that is currently being formed, it seems to be a leak Gizmodo reported.

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Via Gizmodo, it was found that byte dance, as a corporate developer, and limitations.

Yes, the app TikTok will tell you to stay away from a number of posts or content, which is considered unattractive and less able, to the financial side.

In the report by the Intercept, content-content that is interesting, a video content is abnormal with a user that has “the Form of the body” such as fat, thin, no scars on the face.

Very surprising also that in the report it is explained that the user with anomalies, small line entry grew up in the list.

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