Secret Invasion, what went wrong in the Marvel series?

For Secret Invasion expectations were high, especially considering the large impact this is expected to have on the overall Marvel Cinematic Universe. Another aspect to consider was the presence, after a long time, Samuel L. Jackson like Nick Fury. This was to grow the airwaves for the series, turning it into a real event.

Unfortunately, the high expectations of the fans did not come true, because. Marvel Studios again fell into the trap of being too hasty. Speed ​​must necessarily tell the story in 6 episodes of approximately 40 minutes each (with credits included). However, this is only one of the series’ many and biggest problems.

Quickness: Barely Mentioned Characters and Hasty Events

Secret Invasion it is characterized by a too rapid presentation of events. We see this already from the first episode, when what is happening is transposed too quickly. This problem, however, becomes annoying towards the end of the series, when the over-speeding up of the story takes away the suspense that should be characteristic of a spy thriller series.

Speed ​​also affects characters and their stats. One of all Gravik Kingsley Ben Adir, who doesn’t seem to have very clear ideas for his final plan. We also see this problem in Gia played by Emilia Clarke. To his Skrulls something is going on that could potentially be of great importance to the MCU, but it was just introduced and dropped soon after. This excessive rush to wrap up the series also affected Nick Fury’s ending, which only seems to be staged to give it a close.

The speed of the writing affects the production, which itself has episodes that appear to be clearly cut, making the narrative not very fluid. In short, I once again Marvel Studios fell into the trap of being too hasty. Preferring quantity over writing quality, a problem that occurs in many, far too many MCU products.

Gravik, a lot of smoke and no fire: a villain who does not work

Started out as one of the best villains KVMbut then turned into an unmemorable speck. Gravik From Kingsley Ben Adir perhaps one of the worst parts of the series. Gravik he always talks about a hypothetical threat, a plan that could turn the planet upside down, lead it to fall, but which in reality never materializes, and the person does not even feel the danger.

Causes Gravik can also understand would be the perfect enemy Talos AND Nick Fury who is looking for freedom Skrullsbut differently from them. A dragger with a lot of charisma who manages to convince his people to follow him and then transforms into a character without a pulse. This also affects its development. Because the threat of the army Skrulls rebellion fails immediately, generating rebellion out of nowhere, without deepening.

To complete the writing of a character that leaves little to the MCU, emphasizing that his closure doesn’t make sense. The last encounter in which he fights Giain which both have the abilities of nearly every character from the previous films. Marvelalso restrained, but this is the end Gravik whether he came out dead doesn’t make sense. This is because in There is also Extremis DNA which allows regeneration if the wearer is not decapitated. Recall that to kill the villain in Iron Man 3it was necessary to behead him.

From Rhodes to Ross and Beyond: Approximation Reigns in Series Writing

Secret Invasion introduces us to several characters that will be part of the following products Marvel. Unfortunately, everyone we see except Priscilla, wife of Nick Fury and a Skrull named Varra. She was not treated the same way and managed to deepen her motives and relationship with fury. Unfortunately, we cannot say the same about Everett Ross, who appeared briefly at the beginning of the series and at the end. We are hinted that the agent has long been alone Skrullsand true Ross was caught in the past.

The same question mark is put James Rhodes. The character played Don Cheadle plays an important role in the series, but it ends in nothing. In the end we understand that the truth Rodi was kidnapped long before the events Secret Invasion.

Judging by his attire, consisting only of white hospital gowns, one would think that his exchange with Skrulls was after the events Captain America: Civil War. This would be contrary to what has been seen in previous films, as one of the two AvengersAND James Rhodesnot so much for the appearance, but for the way he behaves.

If it were confirmed, it would lead to a big plot hole, the hundredth, which is in the vast universe created by Marvel Studios which, following the novelties, is losing more and more fans.

Where is the secret invasion?

We are talking about a series that tells about the secret invasion of an alien race that can take on any form. Secret Invasion she should have explored this aspect shown in the comics, but unfortunately she couldn’t make us breathe even a small percentage of the risk and discomfort the situation posed. A small hint of what the series was supposed to be, we see at the end. When humanity goes crazy after discovering that an alien race has invaded the planet and can look like anyone, even your next door neighbor.

However, in other episodes this is barely hinted at by the transition between Fury and Talos. This Skrulls shows that during the absence of a spy more than 1 million Skrulls arrived on Earth. This should destabilize and bring chaos to the planet, or at least there should be evidence of it, but there is none.

Indeed, every time two factions clash, it seems that Skrulls only a few dozen are present on Earth. This is a big problem because the danger posed by a million aliens has always been praised, but this one has never been presented. The destabilization of the terrestrial community caused by the presence Skrulls the fact that they turn into whoever they want is never heard of, except for the ending, where we finally feel the danger and chaos right between the people who blame each other.

Implications for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Revelations made during the last episode Secret Invasion are of paramount importance to the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Firstly, the great power of Gaia may pose a problem for the development of future stories, not to mention that an open ending with mass insanity that sees people in revolt to drive the Skrulls from Earth should lay the foundations for Avengers: Secret Wars.

Future films and series may have dire consequences, but there is a risk that what happened may sink into oblivion and will only be mentioned in Secret War. Fans are hoping for a link to what happened in Secret Invasion much more strict, but the events seen in the series could only possibly have been mentioned in Captain America: Brave New World.

What do you think of the series? Have you experienced these problems too? Let us know what you think with a comment.

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