Secretary of Health: yet it is not necessary to apply phase 3 to pandemic Covid-19


To the secretary of Health, Jorge Alcocer, still does not meet the conditions for the proclamation of the phase 3 response to the pandemic of the coronavirus.

So noted at the end of a meeting with president Andrés Manuel López obrador with members of his cabinet.

In an interview to the exit of the National Palace, indicated they are complying with the preventive measures to avoid the contagion how to stay in your home.

This Wednesday, the Secretariat of Health reports that in Mexico amounted to 449 people have died due to Complications from covid-19 and the number of confirmed cases is 5 thousand 847.

The secretary of Health, he insisted that if this Thursday during the press conference in the morning he would ordain the phase three of the pandemic Covid-19.

-Can you tell us the points that were addressed in the meeting today, he was asked.

-We as in the whole week the follow-up to how will the development of the epidemic, in some points, not what you expect it to be announced, something different, but yes there will be a message to the population because it is working very well and we have seen, that’s why it took us in several cities making a copy of what is happening, it is fulfilling, we have to strengthen him staying at home and the perspective that you are presenting is, as always, real, clear, and inviting us to follow.

– How will be strengthened isolation measures?, questioned.

-Not isolation, compliance of which is social distance, which we have learned what we need to strengthen, there are examples of countries that have not been able to follow have had a different situation.

– What could the declaration of phase three, the day of tomorrow?, he insisted

-It is not necessary still, is ready, it is not that we don’t want to say

– Would there be penalties to the people?

-It is by belief, said Alcocer.

– What are the conditions for ordering the phase 3?

-Not yet, completed.

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