Secrets of agents: plot, trailer, Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci at the Jacquemus show for Virgo Cassel, her daughter on the catwalk

Deadly spies on screen, lovers in real life. Tonight on TV on Iris at 21.10 arrives Agent Secrets (2004). The seventh film (eight in total), which the then couple Vincent Cassel AND Monica Bellucci he toured together. This adrenaline thriller is directed by Frederik Schoendorffer. A talented French director who made a name for himself a few years earlier thanks to crime scenes (2000).

The plot of the series “Agents of Secrets”

The French Intelligence Agency assigns a team of secret agents – Raymond, Loic, Lisa and their boss Brissot – to carry out a mission called “Janus”. We are talking about the interception of a ship with weapons coming from Russia by drug dealer Igor Lipovsky. And sink her off Casablanca, Morocco.

Anita Hans, as the ship is called, carries weapons for the rebels of the civil war in Angola. Using diamonds to pay for Lipovsky. An American agent advises Brissot and Lisa to abort the mission, but their superiors instruct them to ignore the warning. But the consequences will be unpredictable. Because the Americans don’t want interference. As a result, Lisa is arrested at the airport with heroin. When a man’s body is found nearby, Brissot realizes that they have been betrayed. And a new mission begins for him. This time he must save her. detachment.

Agents secrets monica bellucci vincent cassell

Two deadly spies. Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel are the main characters of the thriller Agents of Secrets. movie to watch tonight on tv (photo by Ansa)

Monica Bellucci and Venset Cassel back together on screen

The main characters of the film are Vincent Cassel and Monica Bellucci. Accordingly, as Georges Brissot and Lisa. Next to them in the role of Loic is Ludovic Schoendorffer, brother of the director and co-writer of the film. Put a face on Raymond Sergio Paris-Menchetawho is one of the main characters of the series Snowfall. Serge Avedikyan Igor Lipovsky, and Najwa Nimribest known for her role as Alicia Sierra in paper house and in his next spin-off, Berlin, Maria Menendez.

From filming to life: films and love of Monica Belucci and Vincent Cassel

As we said before, Secret Agents is the seventh film that Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel, then husband and wife, made together. After meeting on set Apartment (1996), they also starred together in How do you want me (1996) doberman (1997) Unmanaged – no rules (1998) Pact of the Wolves (2001), in a scandalous Irreversible (2002) and Sheitan (2006).

They were together from 1996 to 2013. And they also worked a lot together. “Monica has a gift: she can make people dream, and you can’t learn this, and then she works hard. For example, some time ago he did not speak English, but now he makes American films; she is not afraid to make a choice,” said the French actor about her. “I find Vincent very versatile and he is a real example for me. He is always believable in his roles, and for that I really admire him, ”she explained.

Because Monica Bellucci said yes to the director

It was easy for Monica Bellucci to accept this role. Because the role of Lisa has nothing to do with beauty and a certain body type. “I knew Monika when I saw her in the Dobermann,” Shenderffer recalled. “The meeting was scheduled not far from his house, in a small cafe. I left the script in the car with the idea that if it didn’t work, I would have an excuse.”

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“Coffee time and I found it unusual. An actress who won me over with her willpower, her square side. With his desire to work and invest in the character. I told her: “We will not play on the physical, on seduction. We will cut our hair. There won’t be a scene where you’re in a dress and high heels, okay?” And she played along. Three days after that meeting, he called me and said he was making a film.”


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