secured a special price for the console, bought online during the lockdown


You have purchased a console online on the website of GameStopZing during the lockdown? Then there is a good news for you, the chain offers the possibility to subscribe to the insurance on the console at a reduced price until July 23. Here’s how to enable it and take advantage of this opportunity.

To activate the warranty and take advantage of the reduced price is easyall you have to do is take a photograph of the serial console, print received the purchase online and go to one of the shops GameStopZing in the whole of Italy. The amount of the guarantee varies according to the purchase price of the product according to the following scheme:

New Products

  • Up to 100€ – 14.99€
  • From 100.01 to€ 200 – 19.98€
  • From 200.01€ to 300€ – 26.99€
  • From 300.01 to€ 400€ – 29.99€
  • From 400.01€ to 600€ – 34.99€

Products Used

  • Up to $ 100 – 11.99€
  • From 100.01 to€ 200 – 19.98€
  • From 200.01€ to 300€ – 19.99€
  • From 300.01 to€ 500€ – 29.99€

Nintendo Switch

  • 39.99 € instead of 59.99 € (details in store)

The initiative indicated is valid on all of the consoles new or used (home or portable) buy online on the website of GameStop from march 12 to may 17, 2020. The activation of the policy at the discounted price reserved until July 23, more details in the shop or on the page Console Protection of the site of GameStop.

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