See the new trailer of The Silence, out of Kiernan Shipka


See the new trailer The Silence, the new film Netflix and where also comes the talented Kiernan Shipka. The trailer just came out this March 29, and it promises a lot of suspense and even a little terror. You can see the trailer here:

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The film The Silence it tells the story of a family that is facing the surreal and terrifying experience of dealing with monsters, which are attracted by the noisebecause this way they can detect their prey human.

This film promises a lot, especially because it will come out Kiernan Shipkawho will Ally Andrews, a young man who he lost his hearing. The adventures of Ally and her family become more difficult when you get to what seems to be a shelter, which ends up being a satanic sect.

Up to now, everything indicates that many are anxious to see the tape. However, there are others who are critics of the film, or at least skeptics, because they believe that it looks a lot like the plot of Bird Box, which was also released for Netflix.