See Which Character Kim Kardashian Plays in “Paw Patrol: The Movie”

Kim Kardashian.

The socialite began the week by confirming her return to the big screen with the movie “Paw Patrol”, where she will play a character that she assures her children and all her fans will love.

Kim Kardashian will have new participation on the big screen, she confirmed this Monday through her social networks, where she excitedly revealed that she will lend her voice in the new “Paw Patrol” tape.

The fun children’s series will hit theaters with new voices and an exceptional cast that includes the participation of the socialite, who surprised millions of fans around the world by introducing the adorable and courageous character that, I am sure, your children will love too. “ I’m officially a cool mom and now for my kids! Paw Patrol we are on our way! “, wrote.

And it is that Kim Kardashian will give life to Delores, an adorable dog of the poodle breed with a stylized figure and an elegant necklace that will live great adventures with the other puppies of the patrol, who will fight to save the citizens of Adventure City in ‘ Paw Patrol: The Movie ‘.

The Paw Patrol is on! Everyone’s favorite heroic pups will set off once again to save the citizens of Adventure City with the help of a new ally, the clever Liberty dachshund. Armed with amazing and exciting gadgets and equipment they will challenge their enemy, the new mayor of the city, Humdinger.


The animated film that the whole family can enjoy will be under the Paramount Pictures label and will hit the big screen on August 20, 2021. It will feature the voices of Iain ArmitageKim Kardashian WestMarsai MartinRon PardoYara ShahidiRandall ParkDax Shepard with Tyler Perry, and Jimmy Kimmel featuring Will Brisbin.

The first preview of ‘Paw Patrol: The Movie’ will be available from May 12, 2021, and that same day the official theme of the film will be released, ‘Good Mood’ interpreted by Adam Levine, lead singer of Maroon 5.


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