Seeing is believing! Becky G shows everything you can do with a cookie I Miss!


Becky G for their social isolation, undertook this challenge and go that it did the first time. All his followers were stunned

Our beloved Becky G it is a wonder when he shows his charming personality, and is that in addition to his incomparable talent, this artist is a tenderness of person.

As we well know, Becky G it is the interpreter of famous themes such as “Bad santa”, “No pajamas”, “Greater”, “Not” I belong to you” and “Nor you, nor anyone else’s”.

Like any artist, the famous also has certain skills, which turn out to be a bit peculiar; as, for example, by means of this short video Becky G we have been taught what you can do with a cookie.

For Becky G it was the first attempt, and was able to move from your forehead to your mouth, this biscuit of the famous brand “Oreo”. Many of them cost quite a lot of work to make this dynamic.

Without a doubt, we look forward to am looking forward to the next challenge met by our beloved singer.