Seeking funding to produce respirator for patients of COVID-19


The COVID-19 has left in evidence the lack of equipment and medical devices to treat patients. In the face of this, Eduardo Bayro, academic Center of Research and Advanced Studies (Cinvestav) in Guadalajara in the company of some students, seek to produce in a massive way the design that created of a artificial respirator.


Knowing that in severe patients with COVID-19, the patient is unable to breathe by himself and is in need of a respirator, the academic team is looking to create 100 respirators so that their cost is less. “We have spoken with staff COECYTJAL to see if they can comment on our project in the government of the State, but we are also willing to produce private hospitals that are interested in the project, the goal is that people can have access to a respirator in case of need.”

The common price of a respirator is between 20 to 30 thousand dollars. Bayro he explains that, in search of materials that are less expensive, they found options that could round out your price of a thousand to 600 thousand, 800 dollars.

The team hopes to soon have an answer to be able to start the production of the respirators. “We have worked on the project from the start of the pandemic, we still don’t have the prototype, but we know from the construction of the respirator, we’re looking to accept our initiative to start the production”.

The team of Cinvestav took a prototype to the public of the respirator and made some modifications. The features of his project entitled PlusAir they are “more advanced than any artificial respirator that exists. Not just the pumping of air, the patient has three sensors, one cup of oxygen, heart rate and temperature”. The academic explained that the sensors send wirelessly data to a computer, which serves two to 20 patients to monitor and alert if there is a problem.

In case the project is accepted by an initiative, explaining that it would soon deliver the first half of respirators in three weeks. “We need to believe in the project and they tell us, for us to ask for material abroad, the first three weeks we can create them with mexican companies but the material is not going to adjust and we will have to import material and it is slow”.

The researcher says that after observing the model prediction of the Situation Room in Health of the University of Guadalajara, made an estimate of the possible sick with gravity to Jalisco. “The state has a population of over eight million, there will be around two thousand 500 infected, 10% of them need to be hospitalized and to use artificial respiration. What it means to have at least just to Jalisco, 250-bed hospitals and 250 fans”.

Emphasizes that have the infrastructure to be able to produce larger quantities of respirators to 100 pieces. It asks stakeholders to contact in [email protected]



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