seen in your photos of teenager


There is No denying that if we look for the supermodels most influential, Irina Shayk is among the first. Which has become the ‘darling’ of the catwalk it is also a muse for some designers (the relationship of friendship with Riccardo Tisci is the best example of this). That is of the first to dare with what, just a few hours ago, it has been released in the parades, have become the dummy in a pivotal figure in the fashion industry face to know what they are trends that pass the filter and will end up conquering the street style. However, this passion for the new is not something now. In his teens, the Russian was already a fashion victim as we have seen by reviewing some of his pictures of that time.


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It seems that with the confinement at home, Irina has started to review some of the memories of his life in which the gateway was still very far away. If last week shared a picture of her as a teenager, demonstrating that they pointed ways as a future modelthe image that you have uploaded this Wednesday, has revealed new information about the Russian in that stage. And is that in both screenshots, Irina is featured wearing the that was one of the well known trends of the 2000s: the waist pants low.


Although in recent years has been the high-waisted who has been commissioned to mark the waist -a detail that slims the silhouette by enhancing the hourglass shape-, what is certain is 20 years ago was a few inches more down. More specifically in the area of the hip, as a legacy of the court that dominated the pants and skirts of the 90’s. Both with white pants as with the classic cowboy, Irina has shown that it was the design that is most repeated in your closet. A pattern that accompanied him during his adolescence in their outfits to more casual.


After two decades, firms such as Marni, Balmain or Dion Lee have put the order in 2000 for, perhaps, lead the way of fashion to that width that conformed to the hip. The catwalks of the spring of the three brands included pants, and skirts that left the belly uncovered, so that it is not unreasonable that we find ourselves before the return of the trend that both were excited to Irina in their teen years.