Segre Seymandi, sad fantasy of summer

Aldo Cazzullo (photo by Carlo Furgeri Gilbert).

DAgospia, which released it, called it “the fantasy of the summer.” Now that summer is ending, we can draw some conclusions. Starting with confidence.

We journalists tend to comment darkly on the most discussed facts on social networks.: You ride the wave, benefit from the current and ultimately feed into it.

Having dedicated several books and dozens of articles to Turin, I tried to find some precedents for Segre-Seymandi fiction to make an article out of it.; but no one came to me. Not that Turin has a moralistic history.

Guido Gozzano defined it as “a city conducive to pleasure”; and he didn’t just mean the confectionery sector. Cavour put his cousin Virginia, Countess of Castiglione, into the bed of Emperor Napoleon encourage him to use the French army in the war against Austria.

Scandal at the wedding party: “I won’t marry you again, go to Mykonos with your lover”

Scandal at the wedding party: “I won’t marry you again, go to Mykonos with your lover”

But the history of Turin does not remember such a terrible scene as the one in the video that we all saw. It is also a sign of the destruction of the identity of the country of Piedmont, which created Italy several times: with its soldiers, its workers, its intellectuals.

What banker Massimo Segre did instead cannot be justified., from all points of view. Christina Sejmandi is a woman free to live her sentimental and erotic life like anyone else. Dating another man doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t want to marry your boyfriend.

If for him loyalty is a necessary condition, he should have broken off the engagement. But calling it out at a party and pointing out that your woman is responsible for everything is an act of violence.this is a way to get revenge.

You feel humiliated and want to blame this humiliation on her, as if to say: this way I will win.. And even “my mother’s sapphire,” a precious value in private life, is worthless if it is given to the public. All this does not look like a man who loves, does not look like a man tout court, and especially not like a man from Turin.

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