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Selena Gomez, Camilo, J Balvin, Tokischa [VIDEOS]

Selena Gomez and Camilo They are releasing a song with a lot of feeling, titled ‘999’.

On her collaboration with the Colombian, Selena expressed, “Camilo is a fantastic songwriter and singer who proudly wears his heart on his sleeve, something we immediately connect with. I couldn’t be more excited than I am to collaborate with him.” .

For his part, the husband of Evaluna Montaner He said, “Working with Selena Gomez is a gigantic honor. From the beginning, ‘999’ was written with the loudness of her voice in mind and would not exist if it weren’t created dreaming of this collaboration. I am too excited for the opportunity it represents to me and my project, a song as precious as this one, with an artist whom I respect and have followed for so long “.

Directed by Sophie Muller, the video was filmed in Los Angeles, California.

‘999’ – Selena Gomez, Camilo

Keep listening to much more music in our playlist New Music Drop on Apple Music, and right here, on this note, discover many more new releases.

‘Bitch’ – J Balvin, Tokischa

This song will be part of the long-awaited fifth album by J Balvin, which will be titled ‘José’. The project will go on sale on September 10 and is now available to pre-order on all platforms.

‘Magnum’, from the album ‘Infinity’ – Nicky Jam x Jhay Cortez

‘Magnum’, the explosive collaboration of Nicky Jam and Jhay Cortez, is an ode to old-school reggaeton with a twist of 2021, which will have the listener immerse in the rhythm and release their inhibitions.

The video takes place at a party underground, where people just enjoy the moment and live without regrets. Throughout the story, flashes of Nicky and Jhay are shown singing on stage, matching their physical energy with the song’s unmatched vibes.

’23 questions’ – Anuel AA

This song is a slow-paced reggaeton, with romantic lyrics that compare a past relationship with famous events that shaped the world.

Anuel AA dedicated ’23 questions’ to Karol G, his ex-girlfriend. In the lyrics, the Puerto Rican asks his love interest 23 questions and in that way tries to find out if the relationship can be saved.

‘Wow Wow’ – María Becerra, Becky G

This reggaeton song is a girl power anthem that talks about how to overcome heartbreak at the party. In the music video we can see María Becerra and Becky G organize a pool party for girls only where they dance and enjoy a hot afternoon.

‘Wow Wow’ is part of the songs on the 21-year-old Argentine artist’s debut album.

‘To the good, the best’ – Ozuna x Call of Duty: Mobile

Ozuna comes to ‘Call Of Duty’, one of the most famous franchises of recent times, in a way never seen before.

‘LNEM (GATA)’ – Maluma ft. Kapla and Miky, Philip Ariaz, Blessd

“For me it represents a lot to be able to support a new generation of artists, because when I started, I did not feel that same support in Colombia and I did not want them to live the same way as me. It was other artists at an international level and my loyal fans, who gave me that impulse I needed to start my flight. That is why I do it, I do not want history to repeat itself, I want to see them shine, because there is a lot of talent in Colombia that deserves to be a star and fulfill dreams, as much as I am doing it, “he said. Maluma, regarding this collaboration, through a press release.

’23’, from the album ‘Romances’ – Randy x Ape Drums

Randy, the urban music icon, who became known internationally through the duo Jowell and Randy, announces the release of his new solo album “Romances de Una Nota 2021 Vol. 2”, a high-profile musical production range, by the hand of Roses and Wine Music, Black Diamond Music and ONErpm.

This musical production consists of 3 new singles “23”, “No Exit” and “Don’t tell me that no”, just a preamble to what the entire album will be, which will feature fusions of Reggaeton, R&B, electronic music, Guaracha , House and more.

‘Seaside’ – Diane Warren, Rita Ora, Sofía Reyes, Reik

Renowned American composer Diane Warren, 64, invited Mexican Sofía Reyes, 25, to participate, along with British Rita Ora, 30, and the Mexican trio Reik.

‘Nobody controls it’ – Floor 21

Piso 21 re-entered the studio to focus on what will be their new record production, a material that will undoubtedly reflect the growth of this Colombian quartet and where the evolution in their lyrics, sound and musical influences will be reflected in each one. of the themes that comprise it.

The letter of presentation of said material, whose name will be revealed later, is the theme ‘Nobody controls it’, which is released from the hand of an official video recorded in Miami and that was directed by Charlie Nelson, in addition to having the work of Súbelo NEO, a duo of producers from Puerto Rico formed by Freddy Montalvo Jr. and José Cruz, who perfectly understood what the group wanted to express.

‘Around the city’, from the album ‘Gargolas Forever’ – Alex Gárgolas, Arcángel

“During the creation of this album, which was in the midst of a pandemic, I realized that people did learn to listen to music. They learned to appreciate the simplest in the midst of a crisis. There were no open discos, and you couldn’t dance, then people began to listen to music at home to smoke, to have relationships and to share within their own homes, “said the artist through a press release.

“The album ‘Gargolas Forever’ is a rotation of artists. Each cycle begins the birth of new artists at a given moment. Years pass and more artists come in who use the platform of the album ‘Gargoyles’ and develop great careers, that is which makes one eternal within the industry, because when those artists are great, they will be there for you, “he added.

‘Heal Together’ – Christopher Von Uckermann

The former RBD returns to the music scene after his successful encounter with RBD. ‘Heal Together’ is not just a song, it is a movement created by Christopher, which carries a message of global healing and empowerment under the premise of bringing hope to humanity through the feeling that united we are more powerful.

The track It was produced by Juan Galeano (Electric Diamond) and written by Christopher himself with Pére George (who has collaborated with artists such as Natalia Fafourcade, Carla Morrison, among others).

‘PA’NAMA’ – Dalex

“I am very excited to release this song. ‘Pa’namá’ is all vibes, and it is such a fun, sexy and sassy song that I hope it makes people relax and enjoy the moment,” Dalex said in a statement. press.

The music video, directed by Joel De Leon (JD), is as sexy as the song, showing Dalex at what appears to be a sassy costume party where everyone hides his identity except him.

‘What else gives’ – Leon Leiden & David Rees

Leon Leiden gives us on this occasion a song that he does by the hand of the Spanish David Rees. Rees is a Spanish singer of British descent born in Malaga.

The video, also made by the young filmmaker Emilio Guerrero, is a metaphor of how time can stop for each person and have a space and a personal moment where each one can see the advance of time and space in a personal microcosm.

‘Break Up Body’ – James Elizabeth ft. Snow Tha Product

Through his Instagram account, James Elizabeth was excited to launch this song produced by DjPumba, whose video was directed by Omie Blue and featured the participation of photographer Tc Photo.

‘My problem’ – Chiquis

“Since I was a child I have sung this great song, but the message that I now want to convey when performing this new version is that no matter what happens, all decisions made in life are teachings. It is an honor for me to be able to sing this hit. in the genre that I like and identify so much and I hope that my fans sing it with the same feeling when listening to it, “Chiquis said through a press release.

‘BZRP Music Sessions # 43’ – Chucky73

‘Como si nada Remix’ – Adso & Rusherking & Micro TDH

‘Vatican’ – Jerry Di

‘You died’ – Pusho x Nio García

‘Me Pone Mal (Remix)’ – Mathew, Eix, Lionixx

‘Art’ – Cheo Gallego, Natural Afaz

‘My son’ – Xylon

‘G4S’ – FUFU

‘T1419’— FLEX

‘I will never understand – Beret

‘You have me wrong’ – Luis Vazquez

‘Magic’ – Monogem

‘Although that’s wrong’ – Immasoul, Leo X & FRANCO

‘Be here’ – Bodine

‘Dogs and Killer Bees’ – Octavio FG

‘You don’t see’ – Leu

‘It turned on’ – The Twin

‘Cumbiaton (How Am I Going To Forget / Cry / A Dream)’ – KYEN? ES?

‘Outside the Outside’ – Black Ice Cream

‘Pasatiempo’, from the album ‘Línea Recta’ – Ok

‘The Earth’ – Flor De Toloache

‘El motor’ – 123 Andrés & Jerau feat. Mayte Montero with Luis ‘El Papa’ Pastor, Pablo Bernal

‘Estrellita’ – La Santa Cecilia

‘The fat drop’ – – Suenatron featuring Ulises ‘El Licenciado’ Lozano and Mexican Dubwiser

‘Stress’ – Coveted Group, Jesus Uriarte

‘856 for the world’ – High Elegance

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