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Selena Gomez dazzled with these andrígino looks

The famous singer Selena Gomez has managed to position herself among the most prominent stars of this generation, in addition to being a great standard for world fashion, so she causes a furor with every garment she wears in public.

The 29-year-old actress has been fascinated by the androgynous style, looking comfortable with a casual and quite versatile look.

The businesswoman parades through the streets like a fashion runway feeling confident and captivating the eyes of those who see her pass.

Selena Gomez and her urban touch

The American singer was photographed leaving a store wearing a comfortable androgynous look, wearing a panty up to the calves, white sweatshirt, cap and round glasses.

This modern style captivated thousands when such snapshots were broadcast.

Her androgynous look was copied by hundreds of people delighted with the urban, comfortable and casual combination of the singer when it comes to dressing.

Another occasion when the composer amazed with her taste for fashion and genderless style was when wearing a large wine-colored jacket paired with an orange T-shirt.

The celebrity left her legs uncovered to look slender with her white tennis shoes without socks.

Rebel look

As taken from a popular teen movie, the singer was empowered wearing an exquisite combination of outfits where the androgynous look predominated in her appearance.

Wearing a black franelilla and combining the gold print with her accessories, Selena achieved the perfection of the casual and urban by wearing such garments with sports pants and black tennis shoes, with one of her socks above the pants, very much in the style of baseball players.

This avant-garde look is proof that the singer knows perfectly how to look beautiful and radiant even with the simplest but most successful combinations, choosing the androgynous style over other trends.

Selena Gomez making the street a personal catwalk

The actress dazzled thousands of people with this colorful thick jacket outfit, teddy bear style, the same color as her wool sweater and hand embroidered cap.

Thus he filled the atmosphere with a cheerful yellow tone.

The most extravagant of the look shown by the artist was the use of wide plaized pants with high brown boots of military style, a daring combination but very fashionable.

Without a doubt, Selena Gomez can shake the fashion world with her imposing outfits, proving that the androgynous style is what is on trend.

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