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Selena Gomez has a ‘good fight’ over a joke about her transplant

The Serie ‘The Good Fight ‘ has angered (and a lot) the fans of Selena Gomez (29) and the singer herself after her last episode dared to play down, in the opinion of many, with the kidney transplant to which he submitted in 2017 while two of his characters argued about ‘forbidden’ topics in the world of comedy.

“I’m not sure how writing jokes upon organ transplantss for television programs, but sadly it seems that it is, “said the aforementioned through a statement posted on his Twitter account. scriptwriters, it is discarded immediately and it does not get to be emitted “.

The former Disney star also wanted to make it clear that he is aware of the boycott campaign that his loyal fan base has launched against those who seem to laugh at his health problems.

“My fans are always there to protect me. I love you. If you can, please register to be organ donors,” he asked.

A similar situation occurred last year when the reboot from the series’Saved by the Bell‘he dared to speculate with the identity of Selena’s donor, to ensure that it had actually been the mother of his ex, Justin Bieber, or Demi Lovato, instead of his (old) friend Francia Raisa.

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