Selena Gomez has been kidnapped and replaced by someone more” thread and twitter goes viral


A few days ago, has, rumor has it that Selena Gomez takes several months been, or is controlled by, at least 4 women that pretending to be a friend of hers.

One twitter user took it upon himself to make the famous “on the wire”, where he explains and shows the “evidence” that proves the singer, who is kidnapped by the people’s face.

Pieceofsel, has created a line of more than 50 “tweets”, where he explains in more detail that the Service has been replaced by the model name, He He.

According to speculation from the very beginning in the year 2018, the artist, had been attending the church of Hillsong, who incidentally is also going to Justin Bieber’s.

According to sources close to the artist and she said that she began going to the church to renew their faith, and then you feel depressed and fall into a crisis of anxiety as you face your disease is systemic Lupus.

Selena is currently locked away in his home in Studio City, on the orders of Ashley Cook, Raquelle Stevens, Connar, and First Franklin, which, in turn, to work for Hillsong, and Interscope Records,” said a user of twitter.

These tweets are viralizaron, and to this day continues to be a growing trend.

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