Selena Gomez is overwhelmed and manipulated by his or her friends


Selena Gomez he had a life full of success, but it is also a very difficult life, the betrayals, diseases, weird facts that make you wonder what this is plot it’s all right.

The singer was kept away from the stage for a couple of years ago because of her lupus, and her full-blown crises, and Twitter route a line from the information on the representation of the Affections.

The famous singer Selena Gomez, live closed in a house in Los Angeles, you don’t have control of the social networks a double has been living it up, ensure that the user is in a the wire conspirativo it took place on Twitter, and was able to put it head to head with thousands of people.

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Was with videos, pictures, stories Instagram and the dates on which the person in charge of the line, ensures that you and Selena are not what everyone thinks it is, then, in accordance with its research it is held to be under the orders of his colleague, Ashley Cook, who was his assistant.

The the church, Hillsongthe company Interscope Records and Ashley Cook, Raquelle Setevens, Connar Franklin and Caroline Franklinthe four women who were friends Also, and are supposedly living on their own expense, they are against she is the author of a controversial situation, it ensures to the user.

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In the same way, you can ensure that the person who is to represent Selena Gomez is the woman to call He He.

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To be able to support on the other hand, the girl talked about all the time she has to watch it very steady the church, Hillsongon his removal from any of the social networks at the end of the month for September 2019, and their health problems both physical as well as mental, and also about the people who have appeared in life, the Better-so all of a sudden.

This thread caused it to make the trend on Twitter with the hashtag #FreeSelena in order to request the release of the singer’s alleged abduction.

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It will be this big plot whether it is right or is only a short story, more for the enjoyment of the user?