Selena Gomez Is Single Because She Has “Poor Interest” in Men, According to TikTok

After repeating every which way that she’s single or at most, she’s busy “too much” with her friends Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz, Selena Gomez is now starting to wonder why her relationships haven’t been working out in recent years. no introspective work or long therapy sessions, In fact, the singer preferred to ask TikTok filters for answers to all her doubts. and the response was not good at all: your choice is bad, ieSo while Gomez wrote in the caption of her Tiktok, “This is a little rude Tiktok”. And his startled response leaves room for little interpretation.

So it seems that our Selena, like all of us to some degree, is starting to wonder why she only seems to date the wrong people. After the end of (alleged) relationships with Andrew Taggart and Zayn Malik, there aren’t any other acquaintances on the horizon other than, perhaps, Jeremy Allen White. In fact, according to the sarcastic videos published by them on their social networks, it seems that the meetings that have taken place in recent days have not lived up to their expectations and that they will meet again as a couple with someone. The chances of seeing it appear very distant.

Of course, compared to the past, interpreter of only murders in the buildingHe should feel more free and more prepared. In recent years she’s certainly tried to juggle her two significant storylines, one with Justin Bieber and one with The Weeknd, devoting herself entirely to her work, both as an actress and a singer. Dedicating from His health problems also seem to have subsided, giving him more peace. It is a question, as is the case with us “ordinary mortals”, of having a little patience and hoping for the best.

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