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Selena Gomez poses (without posing) in a bikini bringing out her most natural self

It was only a few years ago when Selena Gomez (28) he has begun to show his truest and most natural ‘me’. He’s done it through songs like ‘Lose you to love me‘ (‘Losing you to love me’), in which he talks about his hard break with Justin Bieber (27) and that he threw when he was already with Hailey Bieber (24), or through actions such as the launch of your makeup signature, Rare Beauty, a statement in favor of self-love and self-acceptance.

But Selena has given us many other lessons throughout her career, which is reaching its peak in recent years. The actress and singer has no qualms about talking about her mental health, anxiety and depression that have haunted her for years and that she still has to deal with today, or her insecurities. Thus, his speech is characterized by being brave and by play themes that other ‘celebs’ avoid, giving voice to real problems that affect us all and, in short, serving as a reference for all those who need a spokesperson.

And it is precisely this that has motivated Selena Gomez to make her last posing in a bikini for an advertising campaign, some photos in which the actress and singer shows your most natural ‘me’ and that, we confess, it has conquered us.

In this campaign in which the actress and singer has collaborated with La’Mariette, Selena has completely ruled out resorting to impossible poses that we are used to seeing in advertising campaigns and that aim to reduce “from here and there” to the camera lens and has decided to do a natural posing showing his body as it is, without tricks.

There have been several occasions in which Selena has condemned the photographic retouchings that we are used to seeing in the fashion industry and on the internet, since they project an unfair and false image of the bodies, and this is something that, in short, ends up affecting the mental health. This is why in Selena’s ‘feed’ (and, luckily, increasingly in that of more ‘celebrities’) untouched images that show her body and her real beauty.

As with her makeup firm (whose sale is already available in Spain) designed with the intention of promote real beauty and do away with artificial beauty canons, Selena has once again given us a lesson about how important it is to take care of oneself, respect oneself and love oneself, and has reminded us once again that social media has a harmful dimension.

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