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Selena Gomez pregnant? | The Truth News

The beautiful actress and singer, Selena Gomez has been in the midst of rumors following the statements of Mhoni Seer where he confirmed that Selena Gomez is pregnant However, two months have passed since this premonition and we have not yet been able to confirm it with certainty.

The psychic, known mostly in Mexico, said during a program that Gomez was pregnant with The Weeknd. “She is three or four months old and is going to be a girl. She is 28 years old and is in her stage of being a mother, “said the astrologer.

This shocked the fans and the press who began to question even more the astrologer Mhoni Vidente to give more details of the alleged pregnancy of the famous, meanwhile, Selena Gómez continues to enjoy her success by being number 1 on the Top Latin Albums from Billboard.

Are there any pictures of Selena Gomez pregnant?

The photos seemed like a clear sample of her presumed pregnancy

On the web there are dozens of photos of Selena Gómez very tender where she appears to be pregnant but these are nothing more than farces since the singer likes to wear oversized garments that do not highlight her figure, making her look heavier than she usually has .

Selena Gomez has raised suspicions many times

Added to the posture, the angle of the photo and dozens of other points, the photos of the paparazzi make Gomez seem really to be expecting a baby However, until April 2021 this could not be confirmed and the news has only remained as a strong rumor that cannot be sustained.

Is Selena Gomez pregnant in 2021?

Seers say that this year Selena Gómez could have a child

So far it has not been possible to confirm anything about the alleged pregnancy of the famous also that allegedly no longer has a romantic relationship with The Weeknd so it is most likely that everything is a simple farce.

At the moment Selena is in one of the best moments of her career innovating with different musical rhythms and she even recently recorded some songs in Spanish so there is no high probability that Selena Gómez is pregnant.

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