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Selena Gomez prepares with a new album

After creating a stir among his fans by hinting that he could withdraw from the music, Selena Gomez He did it again this time by giving indications that he works in a new album. (Subscribe here to Disney Plus)

Selena Gomez had recently released her latest work, ‘Revelation‘, which would be his first completely in Spanish. However, just a month after its premiere, the singer is ready to turn the page and announce more music to come.

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This gave him to understand without revealing much information, through his stories in Instagram, which fans took as a confirmation.

This comes a few days after Selena Gomez broke the news by dyeing his hair blonde, changing the brunette that he wore for many years and for which he was known. This was the first track for a new job, as many singers often change their look prior to a new new era of hits.

But it wasn’t until the singer posted this photo that fans were convinced that her new job is about something in music, and not related to her hit brand of music. makeup Rare Beauty‘, in which she has been very focused in recent months.

Selena Gomez posted on his Instagram stories a photograph of his wrist wearing a bracelet that reads “SG3”.

With this beaded bracelet, Selena Gomez hinted to her fans that she is working on new music | Instagram: Selena Gomez

Although despite the short promotion of ‘Revelation‘, fans celebrate the new album, as this means that the singer still feels like working and not a retirement as advertised.

As he advanced in an interview a month ago, his following album after ‘Revelation’ would depend on his following in the music industry, so fans now feel the responsibility to support the former star of Disney today more than ever.

Why “SG3”?

In the world of musicIt is common to use the initials of the singer or band together with the number of the album that is about to be released, to refer to a new project that does not yet have a name or that cannot yet be revealed.

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In the case of Selena Gomez, his new album is about his fourth as a solo artist, having already released the albums ‘Stars Dance’, ‘Revival’ and ‘Rare’ (‘Revelation’ it is not counted as an album but as an EP), while he had previously had some with his band Selena Gomez & The Scene, ‘Kiss & Tell’, ‘A year without rain’ and ‘When the sun goes down’, which are counted apart.

While the new album by Selena Gomez It would then be his fourth in total, let’s remember that his debut was with the record company Hollywood Records, property of Disney, and his second job was with Interscope Records, where she obtained greater creative freedom and, according to her, “a rebirth”, which is why she considers this new work as her third.

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