Selena Gomez receives an unusual request from Hailey Baldwin on Justin Bieber


The beautiful model Hailey Baldwin has made a request to the unusual and Selena Gomez, the former husband, the pop singer Justin Bieber, claiming that he has won on the pulse of what was asked for

The United States Of America.- The beautiful model Hailey Baldwin, and made him unusual for a famous singer and actress, Selena Gomez, claiming that her husband, Justin Bieber, in fact, was the gain to the pulse to give you what he or she is asking you to do.

A source close to the controversial couple, she confessed to Glamour that they both are seeking forgiveness, the Better, but more on Hailey, since you want the circle of your relationship, I was completely closed off.

You are not making these claims just to sell music, in fact, that is the person he is today. And, Hailey, you really love the person that he is, and he is very proud to be able to talk to you about your issues with your ex, like Selena, because she is getting the best of you,” he began.
Hailey and Justin will focus on the specific Better and it is for this reason that he has never done it really, but both of them are hoping that she will forgive you, after this last revelation, and you will finally be able to move forward,” he said.
However, it seems that the exestrella Disney is not ready to forgive you nothing’s what you did to Justin, and the re-launch of the Campaign for Me to confirm.