Selena Gomez: reinforcements arrive from Jordyn Woods, ex BFF of Kylie Jenner

Anyway… Jordyn, after the incident, had given a few interviews, always pondering her utterances, never letting go of revealing scoops, secrets or behind the scenes that she inevitably could have seen or experienced firsthand in all these years of relationship with the most famous sisters of the star system. You probably signed a confidentiality agreement?

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The fact is that, only now, does Woods seem to take sides, albeit subtly, making known her position on the drama of these days: the Hailey Bieber-Selena Gomez and Kylie Jenner Gate.

What do these three women have in common? A line of makeup: Hailey with RhodeSelena with Rare Beauty and Kylie with Kylie Cosmetics. Jordyn, on her social networks, films herself applying a product… guess whose? By Selena! And not a random product: a lip pencil!

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We are well aware that Kylie’s brand became famous at the beginning precisely for its lip products, riding the gossip on its lip filler, an aesthetic intervention that is now super cleared through customs but which at the time still caused a sensation.

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