Selena Gomez releases ‘Single Soon’: ‘My new single is coming out soon…’

vip-selena-gomez-drops-single-my-new-single-coming soon

Selena Gomez officially returned to the music scene. The singer and actress released some social clues about Instagram about the news. Just yesterday, Gomez actually posted the story that was in the studio, and on social media, fans literally went berserk. Not only that, Selena recently announced her big comeback with her new song, which will be released on August 25 under the title: “Single Coming Soon”. This is what they read on their Twitter account:You have been asking me for new music for a long time. Since I’m not done with SG3 yet, I wanted to post funny little song i wrote some time ago, perfect for the end of summer. SOON ONE. Departure August 25th. Save it now.“.


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