Selena Gomez remakes ‘Sex and the City’ scene, Cattrall approves

And just like that… Selena Gomez has a new fan: Kim Cattrall. After she was at the center of a possible new wave of social clashes between her and Hailey Bieber, Last Tuesday, Selena posted on TikTok a remake of a very famous scene from Sex and the City. The protagonist Kim Cattrall is, in fact, or Samantha in the series.

Gomez lip-synced a snippet of dialogue from the New York TV series while mimicking a phone call with her hand. “It’s over, I told my wife!” – says the man on the other end of the wire, to whom the singer Lose you to love me he responds with Cattrall’s mouth: “Who’s talking?”. Then he shrugs and hangs up. “Singles Coming This Friday!” Gomez wrote in the caption, reminding fans of tomorrow’s release of a new single.

Selena as Samata: “Who’s talking?”

The clip features a fan-favorite scene where Samantha, who will also return with a cameo role in the sequel “And Just So…”, unceremoniously breaks up with her married lover. After seeing Gomez’s TikTok, Cattrall herself tweeted at X (Twitter), “I approve of this post.”

Selena Gomez announced for the first time Single coming soon last week. She shared the cover on Instagram and explained that as she is still finishing her third album, she “wanted to release a fun song that I wrote a while ago that is perfect for the end of summer.”

soon after, Single coming soon debuted at number 1 on the Billboard Hot Trending Songs chart. Understandably, the fans are excited. Gomez hasn’t released any solo singles from last year’s album My Mind & Me, which accompanied her self-titled documentary. Selena hasn’t released an album since. Rare 2020, although he released a Spanish-language EP in 2021. revelation.

Also airing today is the finale of the second season of the Sex and the City reboot, also known as “And Just Like That…” It will feature Cattrall’s first cameo. This will be the first time she has played Samantha in 13 years, as she was completely absent from the second season. However, it has already been announced that there will be no reunion with his three companions Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis.

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