Selena Gomez responded to criticism of her remarks at the VMAs

Famous singer Selena Gomez recently became one of the stars of the MTV Video Music Awards. Many artists performed during the event, including Taylor Swift, Ice Spice, Olivia Rodrigo, Shakira, Maneskin and Selena Gomez. Despite winning the Best Afrobeats award for her song “Calm Down,” a collaboration with Rema, Selena turned heads for her facial expressions, which became a viral meme.

One of the situations that aroused the public’s interest was Selena’s reaction during Olivia Rodrigo’s performance. During the young artist’s performance, fans noticed that Selena looked irritated and covered her ear with her hand. However, there is a logical explanation for this behavior. Olivia recreated a scene from her music video where lights and objects went wrong and a loud noise may have scared Selena. The singer herself clarified the situation, saying: “I heard a loud noise and got scared.”

But that wasn’t the only time Selena found herself at the center of a scandal during the evening. When Chris Brown’s name was announced as one of the nominees for Best R&B, Selena openly expressed her disappointment. The gesture went viral all over the internet, but Selena didn’t seem to care, in fact she commented saying, “Who cares.” This reaction was echoed by many users, as Chris Brown was involved in a domestic violence case against Rihanna in 2009 and has since fallen out of favor with the public.

In conclusion, Selena Gomez became one of the main characters at the MTV Video Music Awards thanks to her facial expression that went viral. His reaction during Olivia Rodrigo’s performance was explained as simple fear caused by loud noise. Additionally, her disdain for Chris Brown was welcomed by many, given his history of domestic violence. Selena Gomez has once again proven that she is an influential figure in the music industry.

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