Selena Gomez revealed the significance of her rose tattoo. It was Cara Delevingne who inspired her

The star has not yet exposed her “new acquisition” on social media. She was happy with the post on the Bang Gbang show in New York. The actress is currently in New York to film the second season of the series Only Murders in the Building.

Us Magazine says that in the new season a close friend of the actress will also play. It remains to be seen who the mysterious character will be. Until then, the international star prefers to be discreet with her life and choices.

What other tattoos does Selena Gomez have?

Selena Gomez has finally revealed the significance of her rose tattoo. Over time, the star has made several permanent drawings with other important people in her life. In 2019, Gomez tattooed an arrow on his hand, identical to that of Julia Michaels.

The actress then wrote on social media that she has an arrow that will always point to her friend. In April of this year, he got a tattoo on his collarbone at the same salon in New York. He also recently tattooed the word Rare to mark the latest album he released.

In 2014, he wrote in Arabic the words that translate “love yourself first”. The tattoo is on his back, under his right shoulder. Next to it, she also has the numbers LXXVI on the back of her head.

Over time, Gomez has managed to collect 16 permanent drawings on his body, each representing a significant moment in his life. The most recent was with his girlfriend, Cara Delevingne. The two were caught together several times. The most recent appearance of the two friends together was at a basketball game.


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