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Selena Gomez revives the trend of blonde hair with dark roots

31 May 2021 – 6:30 p.m.

The singer performed at the closing ceremony of the UEFA Champions League with a controversial look from the 90s.

Selena Gómez returned to the stage and this time she did it with an incredible interpretation of her song Wolves. The actress also appeared at the ceremony of the UEFA Champions League and wore a black body, with a hatch, which belongs to the French firm Saint Laurent.

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Although her staging was impeccable, Selena has given to talk about the way in which she looks her mane. In recent weeks, through social networks, the businesswoman had surprised with her radical change of look. The artist went from wearing her traditional black hair to a platinum blonde.

But the changes didn’t end there. This time the American shocked the media and her fans even more, as her mane went from being blonde with futuristic overtones to reviving a trend of the 90s. Her hair now has noticeably dark black roots.

Where does Selena’s look come from?

This style was highly popular in the 90s. Some of its most remembered ambassadors were actress Drew Barrymore and singer Gwen Stefani.

Now, this style has been returning from the hand of celebrities such as:

Cara Delvinge

Miley Cyrus

Dua Lipa

Lali Esposito

This time it’s Selena is in charge of bringing this look back to life and inspiring us to dare with this risky mix of colors.

Many may believe that it is wrong to let the roots be seen, as it gives the impression that there was no time to do the necessary retouching to match the color.

However on this occasion, this style returns in a more stylized way with very well combed hair. Which gives a touch of sophistication and avant-garde.

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How to get blond hair with dark roots?

If you want to make a change of style and try this trend, we recommend that you do not do it at home. This process requires a professional to discolor your hair and then paint it so that both shades look well mixed.

Usually, when this procedure is done at home, there is a risk that there will be a dividing line between the dark tone and the blond tone. The effect that is sought is a degrade, so it is very important that the application of the dyes is done correctly.

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