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Selena Gómez stars in Star Plus in this exclusive series that was renewed for a second season

Hulu announced that the series “Only Murders in the Building“It will have a second season that will continue with the story interwoven in its first six episodes and that will continue in four more, so it is very likely that this content will reach America Latin through the platform Star Plus.

The production created by Steve Martin and John Hoffman is starring Selena Gomez, the protagonist of “The Father of the Bride “and Martin Short and is currently broadcast directly to this part of the continent through the sister app of Disney Plus.

It is not known the details that will occur during the second round of episodesDue to the fact that this production is not over yet, the secrets that have left the public on the edge of the seat have not yet been unraveled and have garnered good reviews from 86 percent of the spectators, who assured that it was a pleasure to see.

The series will have 10 episodes in the first season.

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What is this Star Plus series about?

Mabel, Oliver and Charles there are three neighbors who live in the Upper West Side, a luxurious condominium located in New York, USA. Despite not knowing each other, the trio is addicted to a mystery podcast in which a crime is narrated.

The first time that the protagonists meet takes place in the elevator of the building, to which a young man also goes up talking on a cell phone. Hours later, the property is evacuated, so the elderly and the woman leave the place to later meet by chance in a cafe where they begin to become intimate due to their affinity for the crimes without resolving.

When they try to re-enter their home, they discover that the policeman He has fenced off the place and they don’t let anyone pass. When they ask the reason, they are informed that a person has died on the site and must wait for the relevant expert work to be carried out.

As they cannot with curiosity, they decide to sneak into the condominium and manage to see the corpse of the victim, who turns out to be the same person they had seen in the elevator. Upon being intercepted by a police officer, they are informed that the death was due to suicide.

However, the evidence they have of the deceased makes them conjecture that the matter must have been a murder, but the agent does not listen to them and dismisses their statements with evidence that refers to the fact that the deceased attempted against his own life.

Despite this, as the plot progresses, the characters become more and more convinced that this death was caused by someone else and not by the boy they saw in it. elevator. Just when they find something that connects to their main idea, there is something that discards it, but at the same time another clue that suggests the possibility of a homicide.

The trio of friends find a way out of their loneliness by creating their own podcast from crimes unsolved and also continues to investigate the death that occurred in the building.

In addition to the brilliant performances of the protagonists, the mystery in the production it is latent, since once it shows a path that seems to indicate a final resolution, new elements appear that achieve a complex and addictive plot for the public. As if that were not enough, the music, the dialogues, as well as the scenarios they are so well crafted that they allow the viewer to immerse themselves in these adventures.

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Selena Gómez in Mabel Mora

The actress plays a girl mysterious who refuses to give many elements about her story besides the fact that she is separated from her friends. Her taste for mystery was born in the past, when she and her companions began to play various games to solve these types of situations.

Despite being the most interested with solving the murder Of the young man in the elevator, the girl seems to be related in some way to him, which makes her a suspicious person for the spectators. This situation increases little by little due to the lack of elements in his life and causes that whoever watches this production wants to continue seeing more.

Steve Martin as Charles-Haden Savage

Like all the participants in this mystery play, the character of Martin hides an important part of his life from others and also invents a history to avoid publicizing the truth. It’s a actor who has not found a job for years and has lived more than 20 years alone in the same building.

This role meant for Steve Martin his first participation as a screenwriter and performer at the same time. It shows a distant comedy to which he accustomed the public with tapes such as “And, where is the pilot?” and addresses a mature character, self-absorbed, but with whom Shorts and Gomez they have a lot of chemistry.

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Martin Short as Oliver Putnam

The character is a director unable to find a job for several years, thus experiencing a strong crisis financial. Your last possession in life is your Department, which is about to lose and his greatest conflict is not being able to generate enough income to continue with his life.

This man gains interest in the case and forgets his loneliness thanks to Mabel already Charles, who decide to include him in the search for clues, since he was part of the team at the time of discovering the corpse.

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