Selena Gomez takes the pants out of velvet on Instagram


Selena Gomez it took a look with inspiration from the seventies. The american singer went for a video in Instagram, in which she sang an acoustic version of his single ‘Rare’, and to mark the occasion, we took a combination of parts of which refer to the time when the pants were at the waist, and the silhouette line.

In the sequel, that is Selena Gomez he shared, leads to a cárdigan long, cream-colored the company’s north american Sablyn, and the combined with a the top girt of neck lined to the Free People and some of the pants, shot in high signed by the Urban Outfitters.

Selena Gomez, took her clothes are extraordinary for the promotion of his album Rare.

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The look is inspired by the seventies and Selena Gomez

The look and feel Selena Gomez it is very simple to do, however, have the keys, they transform it into a style that is both inspiring and very chic. Your corduroy trousers in eye-catching color-burgundy they are the main characters, and shelter which take in the absolute, to the dress for the most casual of the seventies, when the pana was a a must the absolute and the shot to the top of the jeans it was that the women could have it in time as well as style.

This is to turn a blind eye to that decade of fashion, is enhanced with the top of the rock, which led him to interpret the No you to love me. In the decade of the seventies ruled by the patterns of the lines on the various shapes and contrasting colors, something that Selena Gomez have you got a magnificient way to the top of your the outfit in shades of terra-cotta, and the intense color of its items.

This is not the first time that Selena Gomez takes to create hairstyles inspired by setentera.

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The bottom line is that to mimic this look the Selena Gomez it is not difficult to swim, especially if we consider that the the style of the jeans what she got is a trend of the absolute in the pants for the year 2020, and the shops are filled with the silhouettes in the shape of a bell. The perfect way to spice them up and give them a current style is combat boots or dress shoes if you would like to be more comfortable for you.

Selena Gomez is currently in full promotion of his album, Rare, in addition to the song that is played on the acoustic, to your account from Instagram, rihanna has released her new single Feel mea subject that is separated from the concert, which was hosted recently.

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