Selena Gomez talks about her single life: ‘I guess I live in a world where right now guys are confusing standards with being hard to please’

After releasing her latest track “Single Soon” on August 25, Selena Gomez seems to be focusing on enjoying the single life, possibly inspired by the Sex and the City character Samantha Jones, whom she jokingly imitated in the video, which Kim Cattrall herself appreciated. , who plays Samantha, with whom she announced the new single on social media.

During a recent interview with Tony Fly and Simon for SiriusXM Hits 1 LA, Selena Gomez returned to talk about her personal life, specifically the characteristics she looks for in a partner, and her path to dating. In the interview, which was also reported by the Just Jared platform, Selena spoke about her status as a single girl, stating, “I think everyone goes through a phase where they’re like, ‘Oh, it would be great to have someone.’ and I understand it. But, you know, I’m enjoying the moment I’m in and I just want to be happy with myself so that when this person comes into my life, I can just welcome them and not be the insecure person that I used to be. . When asked what qualities she looks for in a man, she replied, “You have to be cool, man. Not cool in the sense that people think you’re cool. You just have to be nice, make me laugh, and also be kind to my family and people around you. I think I have standards and I think I live in a world where kids now confuse standards with being hard to please.”

At this point, interviewer Tony Fly asked Selena if her words were a way of telling fans not to worry about her, “Yeah, that’s actually a really cute way to say it.” In response, she added, “I’m so grateful that people heard my story and I hope they understood it and understood that I was just trying to show everyone that I was out of place. But it wasn’t because I just wanted to get rid of all that negativity. And as soon as I let it go, I felt much better. That is, I have new problems, but now I can deal with them on my own.”

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