Selena Gomez: Taylor Swift’s attachment to new single “Single Coming Soon” and rumors debunked on The Weeknd

After almost a year away from the music scene, last Friday, August 25, Selena Gomez released her latest song called “Single Coming Soon”, a teaser for the next album, probably called “SG3”, which the star has been working on most of the time. last year and which will be under development.

Thank you guys for all the love for Single Coming Soon! It’s a playful anthem about being comfortable in your body and loving your own company…and so much fun to dance to!” Selena Gomez wrote in an Instagram post on Saturday, August 26, the day after the song was released. The single received high praise from fans and beyond. In fact, everyone who does not miss the opportunity to support each other in their projects knows about the strong friendship of Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift. In fact, under the guise of a new single, Selena Taylor didn’t hesitate to show her support for her best friend by sharing an Instagram story on Saturday 26, the day after the single’s release. “When your best friend is the best,” Taylor wrote, adding, “I will dance to this song forever.”

But another character has also been implicated, this time due to rumors of a new single: it’s about The Weeknd, Selena Gomez’s ex-boyfriend with whom she had a 10-month relationship that ended in 2017. In fact, according to fans, the new single could be dedicated to him as a “breakup anthem” referring to their past relationship, according to Hollywood Life in an Instagram post. “It couldn’t be more fake,” commented Selena Gomez herself, putting an end to any speculation.

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