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Selena Gomez: these are the songs and collaborations of her new album: Revelacion | Music

Selena Gomez He has given a name and surname to the songs that will be part of his new musical project. Through her official profile on Instagram, the singer has revealed the list of songs that will be part of Revelation, the EP in Spanish that will be available on March 12.

In addition, the American soloist has also shown the guest artists who will accompany her in this very special project in which she sings completely in Spanish for the first time. We had already known his duet with Rauw Alexander on Dance with you and Myke Towers and Dj Snake they are also part of the collaborations.

They will do it in Give it to me and Selfish love, respectively. Regarding the latter, despite the English title, rumors indicate that it is a song in our language with some Spanglish moment.

On March 12, the waiting for this album so special for both Selena Gomez and her Spanish-speaking audience will end, from which we have been enjoying small previews throughout 2021. First it was At once, the first song he unveiled from Revelation and later it was Dance with you who would pick up the witness.

A little over a week after the release of this EP, his thousands of followers wonder if his collaboration with DJ Snake (after the success of Taki taki) could be your next bet in the international market.

This song has earned him four platinum records. The song he released in 2019 with Cardi B, Ozuna and DJ Snake has become one of the most successful of his career. And it is that it adds a whopping amount of two billion views only on YouTube. Hopefully Selfish love is a similar hit.

Revelation song listing

  1. At once
  2. Looking for love
  3. Dance With Me (ft. Rauw Alejandro)
  4. Give It To Me (ft. Myke Towers)
  5. Vice
  6. Bye
  7. Selfish Love (ft. DJ Snake)

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