Selena Gomez unfollowed the Hadid sisters on Instagram


Selena Gomez is no longer following the Hadid sisters, Zayn, and other stars on Instagram, and fans are trying to figure out why. here are some principles

Selena Gomez returns to talk about, thanks to a new social drama,

singer of lose you to love me With over 424 million followers, she is the most followed female celebrity on Instagram. And it’s only on her IG profile that fans have noticed something new that has to do with the “unfollow” button…

Actually Selena Gomez has stopped following some stars.

Specifically, Selena has unfollow However, he didn’t have a problem with many celebrities. especially Gigi and Bella Hadid,

Not only this, Singer has also unfollowed Zayn MalikWho He Was Rumored To Be Dating Since March, Ex weekend and former Disney collaborator Zendaya,

It’s unclear exactly when Selena unfollowed these celebrities, not why.

Some have suggested that Selena and Zayn may have ended their dating and that’s why she chose to unfollow both him and Zayn’s ex-wife and mother of his daughter, Gigi Hadid. Others have suggested that perhaps Zayn cheated on Selena with Gigi.

This is only a hypothesis, which however does not justify Selena’s decision to remove followers from other stars. Especially considering that he recently mentioned Bella Hadid (who happens to be Selena’s ex-wife, The Weeknd’s ex-wife) while talking about her in a positive way on her TikTok video.

At this time, none of the people directly involved have spoken out about the incident, so we are not aware of the real reason why Selena unfollowed other stars on Instagram.

Does it indicate some kind of conflict or misunderstanding? It certainly wouldn’t be the first time…

However, if so, it hasn’t been explained why – despite the constant online feud – Selena still follows the IG account of Hailey Baldwin, wife of her former beau Justin Bieber.

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