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Selena Gomez wears her hair in different colors in the new video clip with Camilo

Selena and Camilo display style in their new video clip. (Video: Youtube Capture)

During her acting and singing career, Selena Gomez She teamed up with many other artists in collaborations that turned out to be huge hits and incredible fashion shows. Now, he takes another step towards his Latin roots and has just released a new video with the Colombian singer Camilo, in which both star in a musical bet with a lot of style to the rhythm of their new single in Spanish,999 ″.

In this new project we see a chameleon Selena with several changes of look, among which stands out the violet color. In most scenes he carries hair of this color in a degraded version, with the lighter, almost gray roots and the more intense tips. In tune, he wore a same color lightweight silhouette dress, long and sleeveless. The details? Ruffles on the sides of the torso, which give the garment a romantic air.

Selena wore purple hair in the new video with Camilo. (Photo: Youtube Capture)

The singer moved with the flight of the dress to the wind and showed off with a successful make up to the tone: I wear violet eyeshadow and completed with border cat eye, pink lips and matching nails, a fun bet and pop in full color.

The clip included several costume changes and different hair colors. (Photo: Youtube Capture)

Next, the interpreter appeared with another color in her hair, a vibrant water green, which combined with a Lime green tunic dress with an imposing slash. Barefoot and with dangling earrings, this look gave it a further tone hippie indie in his image.

Green was also encouraged. (Photo: Youtube Capture)

The final bet was the most colorful and electric. In a field full of flowers, the singer showed off with a fuchsia dress that stood out for an original opening at the neckline decorated with small golden hoops. This time, the hairstyle was a court bob with bangs in a tone intense yellow. It is a color that he had already worn on other occasions – as on his last cover for Vogue – but never so short and powerful.

Blonde and bob cut. (Photo: Youtube Capture)

In the meantime, Camilo sang with the American artist with looks in a more neutral palette that included jackets, slightly open satin shirts and lace-up boots. As always, the accessories that are already his personal hallmark added personality to the outfits: various silver rings, dangle earrings and chain necklaces, which added to its eye-catching Salvador Dalí-style mustache make it an icon of unmistakable style.

Camilo showed off his inevitable accessories and distinguished mustache. (Photo: Youtube Capture)

Music and fashion from the hand of two of the most influential artists of their generation, who go for anything when it comes to innovating in terms of style.

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