Selena Gomez: what is the reason for your love failures? | Justin Bieber | The Weeknd

5 Jul 2021 – 7:00 p.m.

The 28-year-old singer and actress hasn’t had much luck in love. He even confessed that their relationships have been ‘cursed’.

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Selena Gomez he’s had a brilliant career. At the age of 10 he participated in the Barney and friends, alongside Demi Lovato, but her popularity acquired her when she became a Disney girl, starring in the series The Sorcerers of Waverly Place. In 2012 he participated in the film Spring Breakers. His first solo album was called Stars Dance, with which it peaked at number six on the Billboard Hot 100. Since then, he has positioned himself as one of the great figures of pop.

However, in his romantic life he has not done as well as in his professional life. He’s had several courtships that have failed, but two of them are the ones that have captured the most attention from all the media and all the fans. The one he kept with the singer Justin Bieber for much of his adolescence and then, that of Abel Tesfaye, better known as The Weeknd.

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After her failed relationships, the interpreter of Lose you to love me, she decided to be single and without commitment. But what is the reason for their love failures?

In an interview with Vogue magazine, Australian edition, the artist stated: “I think most of my experiences in the sentimental realm were cursed. I was too young to be exposed to certain things when I was in a relationship. I guess I needed to figure out what that word meant to me, ‘exceptional,’ because in the past I’ve felt far inferior to my partners, and I never really saw myself as an equal.”

All this caused Selena to never be comfortable with any of her partners and none of her relationships have paid off. “Actually, what I needed was to be more aware of myself. The family I’ve created around me has helped me achieve that.” Said. With that, she made it clear that she has worked to love and value herself, even though the process hasn’t been so easy.


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