Selena Gomez will premiere on the face! Touch-up at the doctor. Look at the photo and you have!


27th of February 2020
(18:14 (CET)

The Selena Gomez it starts to be less of a concern. And the fact is that the singer from the United States of america is about the last few months he has seen a lot of touch-ups to the physical evident.

One of the most noticeable is in the face. Selena Gomez, it seems that you have decided to commit to a hyaluronic acid to tighten your skin a lot more than normal, and as you can see in the picture.

While there are those who will tell you that the one you’re using is actually the application of botox is a possibility that does not seem feasible since it would have seen anything more bloated in the face, and that is not the case, the Better Gónez.

On a serious felony charge

In fact, there is a fan, or better yet, me, you accused Selena Gomez for using excessive photoshop in their pictures on the last lap, which is something that is always denied to the singer of the united states.

And this is what she has always proved to be quite the opposite-in for photoshop, but not with the filters on Instagram, something that a lot of times it is used in its publications.


This is a 2020 we’re now seeing Selena Gomez over Miley Cyrus, from what we know, the ex of Justin Bieber. And the thing is that it seems that the us wants to teach the world that her body is amazing.

Because of this, its the cover of the magazine, Dazed, was only a warning to the sailors that which was to come on this year, and is currently serving with the us.