Selena Gomez with soft, cuddly grey


Selena Gomez given the jersey more comfortable with this (and every) season. Yes, we’re talking about shirts, plush, or also known as the cute jerseynow repeat it in pastel colors such as blue, turquoise, and pink. In addition, of course, in other accents, monochrome, such as gray or navy blue.

For its part, the Selena Gomez it took a top toys the long sleeves and round neckline, in the midst of their pursuit of a model to its line-up Rare Beauty. To do this, the artist No you to love me agreed on the part with a pair of trousers in a dark shade such as black, with a braid down low, and makeup, and in particular, the deep red of her lips. This the match the parts are adapted to a more sophisticated, you can add an accessory, metallic, stiletto heel the black and the cut of the hair, which I love: o curly bob.

Selena Gomez in a red teddy.

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Yes, all of our sweaters for plush toys this is the part, the more comfortable you can be in his or her wardrobe and each time you can be one of the most stylish. You can mix and match with some of the leggings device, go back to the city some of the different styles of jeans in a look the more casual or with a pair of black tights for going out, for a more formal dinner to play a game with one carry-on bag, or clutch hang the string of characters as an ally.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the cute jersey it goes perfect with the profile of a girl’s ‘rare’: the one who knows how to combine beauty and finds it in a conversation of self-acceptance. For many, it is a top toys it may not be sophisticated at first glance, but if you know how to spice it up without losing any of your style.

The shirts and toys they combine perfectly with jeans.

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Our first call to community – #WeAreRare is open, and we’re excited to build this community together. It’s about celebrating what makes you you; and we’d love to have your voice be a part of history, ” said Selena Gomez in the promo for his account of Instagram, wearing a fluffly t-shirt.