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Selena Gomez’s blonde hair made her feel ‘fresh and edgy’

In 2021, Selena Gomez turned blonde. Gomez debuted her new look on April 23, 2021. The look change it was drastic considering that its characteristic color is a dark brown color.

Gomez teamed up with Billie Eilish, who had recently debuted with her own blonde locks. The singer and founder of Rare Beauty revealed her new hair On Instagram. Gomez later shared her feelings about going blonde.

Selena Gomez turned blonde for the second time

Selena Gomez turned blonde for the second time.

Gomez fans have a special name for her when she turns blonde. They have given her the name Blondlena, a combination of blonde and Selena, when she dyes her hair a light shade.

As we have mentioned in The Truth NewsThe last time Gomez wore her blonde hair was in late 2017 at the American Music Awards. At the time, Gomez had recently undergone a life-saving kidney transplant.

Like many others who go through a life-changing event, Gomez took her public comeback as an opportunity to do something fun and transformative. However, in early 2018, she was a brunette again.

In a Vogue interview in 2021, Gomez opened up about going blonde for the second time. “Recently, I turned blonde and had a great time,” she shared. “I think I’m definitely more of a character when I’m blonde.”

“I felt like I could do crazy things with my hair or try new looks with my makeup. It was a lot of fun, ”he continued. “I think for a while it was hard to keep up, but … I felt so cool and nervous.”

Once again, Selena Gomez’s new look didn’t last long. She quickly returned to her trademark dark brown hue for which she is known. But before she went back to being a brunette, Blondlena made a big impression on Gomez. She admitted that she missed being blonde.

“It was just a complete phase that I went through. Honestly, I’m missing it, I’m not going to lie, ”she continued during the makeup tutorial. “The blonde Selena is not gone forever.” Without a doubt, Blondelena fans are delighted to hear this.

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