Selena Gomez’s debut, “Feel”, a song that only a few of them had heard it before | Music


The artist only when he played on the tour in 2016

This morning

Selena Gomez

it launched a subject that very few people have heard of due to the fact that it was not on the digital platform.

The song is called “Feel” to it, and it was only available on vinyl


. Even though, in reality, this is not a new topic, this is the first time that the artist share with the world, because it has previously presented live during a tour of a Revival (in 2016).

The topic has come to light, because their fans were asked who in the cast, and she took notice.

“With the Revival Tour, and did a song that I have not stopped talking about it ever since. You have heard, and I heard,” he wrote Selena Gomez on his Twitter account to spread the news.

The reactions of the fans were not long in coming, showed that the high that they will finally be able to hear in their hearing aid.

In addition, thanks to the launch of the “Rare” in the digital platforms have emerged the theories about the relationship between the Selena Gomez and Justin Biebersince the theme is about a love affair.

“Each and every time your lips touch another’s, I want what I have”, she sings, but she’s 27 at the “Campaign”, which is just a few hours away from its release, the film got a million views.