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Selena Gomez’s makeover that took her eight hours to achieve

Selena Gomez is not one of the artists who takes the most risks with her image changes. The American has always known which look is the one that suits her the most and when she has wanted to make a renewed change in appearance, she has never moved away from dark tones with not very radical cuts. Up to now.

The artist wanted to go one step further and, taking advantage of her return to the stage, it has gone to blonde. A color that – according to their own stylists Nikki lee and Riawana Capri– has taken him more than eight hours of hairdressing achieve this, due to the repeated discolorations to which they have had to subject the singer’s dark hair to achieve the desired shade of blonde.

The change has been exhibited by their official profiles in the social networks where she attached a photo of her with her new change while announcing that she was ready to go back to work.

Selena Gomez and vaccination against Covid-19

He does it on the occasion of the “concert to regroup the world” or Vax Live. An initiative in which she will participate as a presenter on May 8 that aims to call for the equitable distribution of coronavirus vaccines throughout the world.

The concert – in which artists like Jennifer Lopez, Eddie veder, Foo Fighters, J Balvin and HER – It will be broadcast by the main North American networks and by YouTube.

During the event there will be a solidarity fundraising to help buy vaccines to be distributed in less developed countries and in which large companies and countries participate.

In fact, Selena Gomez herself He asked the President of Spain Pedro Sánchez through Twitter that the country join the initiative by providing doses of vaccines or economic funds to try to achieve global equality.

Message that Pedro Sanchez, like presidents like Emmanuel macron from France and Mario draghi from Italy who were also contacted by the artist, responded by committing to the plan of the European Union to distribute vaccines to Latin America this year.

Doubts regarding Selena’s future within the music industry

An initiative that excites the singer and that also comes at times when it is suspected that she could abandon music forever after the launch of her latest project.

Selena Gomez launched her first work entirely in Spanish at the beginning of March. An EP called Revelation in which he collaborated with artists like Myke Towers, Rauw Alejandro or DJ Snake on songs like Dance with Me, Selfish love or Give it to me.

He did it, according to statements by the artist herself, to “pay tribute to your heritage” latin. However, he also expressed that if the project was not successful enough it could become the last he did in music.

All because of the level of criticism and pressure that the artist feels when she opens a new project. Selena feels that there are many people who are very critical of her work, as she has explained to the magazine Vogue.

The artist feels that her songs are never good enough for certain people and therefore could be considering give up music.

At the moment he has not returned to make statements in this regard. Revelation has been very well received by its Latin audience and with its next presentation at the Vax Live together with artists like Jennifer Lopez or J Balvin Let’s hope he regains his illusion and achieves his main objective: to raise funds to help an equal distribution of coronavirus vaccines in the world.

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