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Selena Gomez’s radical change of look that has taken her eight hours

Selena Gomez is one of those people who rarely change their look. Sometimes he has cut his long hair to give it a bob style, and he has even dared to cut his bangs, although never too short, much less radical. Up to now.

The artist wanted to go one step further and give her style a twist with a new hair color, one that has taken her more than eight hours of work. This was corroborated by stylists Nikki Lee and Riawna Capri, in charge of bleaching hair, in Nine Zero One.

“We have been doing Selena’s color for over a decade. Usually he keeps it quite natural, but this time he wanted a big change, ”Riawna said in an Instagram post. The stylist explains that, in the case of Selena, “it is a unique shade of blonde”, since they had to make sure to find the perfect balance for her skin color.

According to the colorists “the whole process took more than eight hours”, although for them “it was definitely worth it”. For the entire coloring process, they used violet shampoo and conditioner, which clean and soften the hair while maintaining the ash blonde color, avoiding orange tones.

It is a unique shade of blonde

Riawna CapriStylist

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