Selena Quintanilla-bikini-flirty opaque Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian


Selena Quintanilla died, there are more than 20 years, but there is always what to talk about in relationship to his music and also his appearance. Today the tower, with its wide figure, in which the singer is a topic of conversation due to the fact that her picture was uploaded to social networks and it shows up in a sexy bikini. Of course, it was much talked about.

To Wake up today, his character, mystique, because of its privacy, many secrets.

In the images to flow, to the singer on a yacht under the bar. Selena wears a bikini to have two parts and a pareo, it is possible, however, to see your curves. His silhouette was always attentive, especially if he adapted to stand on the stage with a wardrobe.

However, it was rarely possible to see in the locker room sexy or with little clothing. Today, it is possible to see some of the celebrities among them Jennifer Lopez, became famous for his gave life to the famous singer, and Kim Kardashian, both known for their body, of a path. But the singer is and remains the undisputed Queen with these curves, it is always recognized.

Kim Kardashian on the beach …

The singer is wearing a bikini, I have a hotel I bought in a gift shop, and bought I’ve organized them for a photo shoot, at the last minute.