Self Tanning Contour: A Summer Trend You Should Try

Whether it’s sun exposure or products that mimic its effect, tanning never goes out of style. And also by all possible ways of obtaining it, including self-tanning. Paladins of fake tan, but with a natural effect (obviously, if used correctly), are so loved and used that they have practically become a product for everyday makeup, as evidenced by tanningor the traditional contouring makeup technique, but with self-tanning.

A trend born from the social network of trends par excellence Tik Tok. And who, given the result, didn’t wait long before captivating celebrities and non-celebrities alike, who skilfully spray their self-tanner to reveal a truly stunning self-tanning contour that is absolutely worth a try.

What was the first beauty product you bought? And last?

What is self tanning contouring

A technique, if we want to call it that, that imitates the more classic contouring, launched at the time by VIPs of the caliber of Kim Kardashian, to sculpt the face with a truly exceptional play of shadows, light, chiaroscuro and wonder. result, to say the least.

A make-up technique that today, in the era of instant trends, is being replaced (obviously only in some cases and most likely only temporarily) by self-tanning contouring, a make-up that does not involve the use of bronzer, foundation and an appropriate palette, but which is implemented using self-tanning.

How self-tanning is done

Useful trick to make your face look kissed the sun but without makeup and in a natural way, slightly contouring the face to emphasize it, as with classic contouring, but in a lighter way.

Obviously if done right and don’t wear it for too long. In fact, self-tanner, if applied to the face for too long, can make the skin look like streaks, which is undesirable and should be avoided.

Self-tanning contouring steps

Therefore, first of all, as with any other type of makeup, it is necessary to prepare the skin for self-tanning by cleaning it with a good cleanser, removing all traces of previous makeup, exfoliating and moisturizing it (especially if the skin is dry).

After completing these steps, the tanning serum should be applied to the face, making sure that well cover every areaincluding the neck, reaching also under the eyes and over the eyelids, at the tips of the ears and up to the hairline.

At this point, it’s time to do the actual contouring of the self tanner by applying self tanner (choosing a color slightly darker than your skin tone) with cosmetic brushby spraying it on a clean surface and tapping the product with the brush, which you will then apply on the face in contouring ways, under the cheekbones, on the cheeks and temples and on the sides of the face, covering the chin line.

Finally, with natural eyeshadow, you can enhance the nose area, being careful not to overdo it with any of the products you use.

When it’s done it matters do not touch your face for about 3 hours, so that the products dry well while continuing to wash your face, so that the contours of self-tanning are as natural as possible. And here the self-tanning contour is ready to be demonstrated at every opportunity.

Precautionary measures

As already mentioned, also depending on the product formulation used, it is better not to use this “trick”. more than five hours. Guaranteed flawless results with a natural effect at any time.

The summer evolution of contouring, ideal for highlighting the complexion and supernatural effect, which is well suited for both young and more mature skin. But always with exceptional results.

Just a hitch? Self-tanning contouring is semi-permanent makeup which emphasizes the face and tan with a natural finish, but only on the condition that the face polishes well and has no defects. If this were not the case and there would be age spots, acne, etc. on the face, self-tanning would emphasize them, becoming even more noticeable. That’s why the skin prep steps are essential before committing to self-tanning contouring.

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