Semina returns to Milan with Infiorata on Via della Spiga

Can you imagine a Milan street, one of the most iconic in the trendy district, all strewn with flowers? But not simple bouquets or bouquets, but works of art, flower paintings created by flower masters Noto in collaboration with artificial intelligence. “Semina” returns to Milan; and within the framework of this eventInfiorata on Via della Spiga.

Considered one of the most elegant and luxurious streets in the city, this road not only connects Corso Venezia and Via Manzoni, but is also one of the sides of the famous fashion district and home of some of the most exclusive boutiquesRalph Lauren, Dolce&Gabbana, Chloé, Moschino, Fay and many more.

Flower display on Via della Spiga and Semina.

Photo: via – ​​photo from a recent issue

Before we continue, let’s talk about seeding. This is a project born in collaboration between Spiga26 AND Hines. The first refers to the huge urban re-evaluation project of Palazzo Pertusati, located right on Via della Spiga number 26, with the expectation of creating a 12,000 square meter space, a new, unparalleled customer experience that combines the historical and the iconic. An innovative and unparalleled experimental center. Hines, on the other hand, is the head of development and also one of the largest real estate companies in the world.

Hence the question: What is a project if not the flowering of the seed of an idea? And it is precisely the “sowing” of intuition, vision and new creative trajectories that we dedicate the first infiorata on Via della Spiga in Milan. As stated on the event website. The first using artificial intelligence (in fact, it will be the third). But how?

Considering the big future projects of Milan, but above all Via della Spiga, the organizers turned to 5 great lyricists of italian music L’AI. It seems a little hard to understand, but here we are. AI was asked to find 10 adjectives that define Milan for her, with these I 5 lyricists created poems dedicated to the Milan of the future.

The latter, processed by artificial intelligence, gave life 10 images Based on this master of flowers, Noto created the floral paintings that will adorn Via della Spiga in this edition of the Infiorata for more than 200 thousand flowers.

What better symbol than a flower for questions related to the flowering of new ideas, rebirth and innovation?

Where: through della Spiga – September 1/3

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