SENASA maintains bird flu prevention mission in Corrientes

SENASA maintains bird flu prevention mission in Corrientes

The National Agri-Food Hygiene and Quality Service (Senasa) reported today that following the closure of poultry farms and the outbreak of avian influenza in the last outbreak, it has maintained its program of containment and prevention of highly pathogenic avian influenza (IAAP) in the region. Health measures and actions. Declare to the World Organization for Animal Health (OMSA) that the country is free of the disease.

Senasa reports that “in the framework of the HPAI emergency (Resolution No. 147/2023), it continues to cooperate with different regional, provincial and national organizations and production sectors because of the The risk of reintroduction remains, as outbreaks have been detected in backyard birds sporadically and to a lesser extent.”

“While in commercial poultry farming it is possible to contain all events and return to a free state, preventive and epidemiological surveillance measures remain in place and active should the virus possibly re-enter the aforementioned establishments,” the agency said in a statement.

Senasa, on the other hand, stated that “it is maintaining long-term contacts with the productive sector to develop Chick Transport Protocol”.

In this sense, he reminds producers, institutions and the general public that they must inform the institution through their communication channels if fatalities, neurological, digestive and/or respiratory symptoms are found in wild or poultry.

These are: the nearest Senasa office – in person-; phone number 11-5700-5704; mobile device application “Senasa Notifications” (Play Store); email; and the organization’s website (” Notify Senasa” section).

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