Senate approves MPs’ allocation of R$200 million to fight bird flu

The Bundesrat approved on the third day (3) provisional measure 1177/23, which opens a special credit of R$200 million in Osamento this year to fight avian influenza. These resources are being used by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock to unify the agricultural health care system. The following text is for presidential approval.

The temporary measure was developed jointly with the Ministry of Health, Environment and Climate Change; as the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (Ibama); and the Civil Protection Department, in addition to the national organization.

It was approved by Parliament last quarter (27th) and edited at the beginning of June, when an outbreak of avian influenza broke out among wild birds in Trinta-Ráis-Real, Ubatuba (SP). Other cases have been confirmed in Rio de Janeiro, Espírito Santo and Rio Grande do Sul states.

Brazil has reported 114 cases of bird flu, according to data from the Ministry of Agriculture. Among them, 111 foraminifera were detected in migratory birds, while only 3 foraminifera were detected in breeding birds used as food. There have been no cases of birds targeting this trade and, therefore, the ministry said this will not affect the consumption or export of poultry products.

The amount of R$200 million released by the temporary measures will be used to cover the relocation costs of official veterinary services and international agricultural monitoring equipment, as well as other equipment that may be needed, such as firefighters, civil defense and army forces.

It can also be used to contract labor for disinfection services, purchase personal protective equipment and sample collection materials, disinfectants, tarps and spray pumps.

For House Speaker Rep. Sergio Souza (MD-PR), the government must allocate more resources to the agricultural sector and provide significant investments in infrastructure, training and prevention to avoid future crises and ensuring food security for both countries.

“We know that in some states, such as Santa Catarina and Espírito Santo, we have also suspended the export of birds, but the government, through the Ministry of Agriculture, has allocated 200 million reais for sanitary protection so that we can Protect this heritage. ”, he said or negotiated.

Another purpose is to build vehicles and arc lamps, as well as equipment to spray disinfectants diluted in water, for disinfecting the exterior of vehicles to create a containment barrier system against the virus.

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