Senator Samuel Garcia is married by the church in full quarantine for coronavirus in Mexico


Samuel Garcia became a trend on social networks lfter revealing that he joined in marriage by the church with Mariana Rodriguez in full health for the coronavirus.

The senator of the Congress of the Union for Nuevo Leon was published on his official Instagram a photo with Mariana Rodríguez, his now wife, dressed for a wedding and said that a couple of weeks ago legalized their marriage commitment in front of a judge.

In addition, he wrote at the foot of the photograph health emergency by coronavirus that crosses the Mexican Republic forced them to postpone the wedding party and until you cancel your honeymoon.

“But I admire your strength and height to exceed the situation. What is important is that we are already together, I love you” wrote Samuel Garcia with special dedication to Marian, his now wife.

However, through the social networks began to circulate photographs filtered for your wedding, where the church looks partially empty.

Samuel Garcia became viral in recent days by their hard claims to the government of Mexico for allowing the deputies and senators continue its work face-to-face with everything and the public health emergency.

Such claims, according to the users of social networkscontradict entirely with the ceremony that took place, although it was with a few people invited.

Hours later the now married couples decided to break the silence and to upload the official pictures of the union of religious to their official profiles on Instagram.

In the photos can be seen at least nine people gathered in the ceremonywithout telling the priest that conducted the marriage union. Each present pair gets separated considerably from the other.

Mariana said on his walk to photograph that it was a ceremony limited and there was no partythat they were forced to postpone until the epidemic of coronavirus in the entire world.

Samuel Garcia, for his part, assured that he was not invited to anyone, because “the country is not to think of that, and because love has nothing to do with that”. In addition, it reveals that they decided to join in marriage as we face the difficult challenge, which is approaching Mexico.

Senator Samuel Garcia became a trend in the social networks to ensure that the federal government, especially workers of the Institute of Security and Social Services for State Workers (ISSSTE), allegedly diagnosed as infected with influenza, the patients that were found to be positive for COVID-19.

He also asserted that the government headed by Andrés Manuel López Obrador was responsible for leaving to Mexico without medicationswithout vaccines and without security, that questioned the way in which to handle an outbreak more aggressive coronavirus; however, he presented no evidence of everything that was said at a press conference of the parliamentary group of the Citizens ‘ Movement.

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