September 2 art and meditation along the path of Magna Graecia.

An extraordinary event combining guided meditation with artistic expression is scheduled for September 2 next year at 6:30 pm. The meeting will take place on the picturesque Seleno beach in Capo Rizzuto, immersing the participants in fascinating scenarios of the path of Magna Graecia. This initiative offers a unique opportunity to rediscover inner peace and connect with the pristine beauty of the surrounding nature.

Adele Scorza, a recognized expert in the field of mindfulness, will lead the meditation process, guiding participants on a journey of inner exploration and relaxation. The artist Caterina Stillitano will enrich the event with an interesting demonstration of performing arts, giving an atmosphere of unique creativity.

“This event, held in an impressive context, provides an opportunity to relieve daily stress and spend time in reflection through meditation and artistic expression,” comments Adele Scorza. “Combining these two disciplines allows participants to experience a deeper connection with themselves and their surroundings.”

Participants are advised to bring a mat or towel with them to sit or lie down in complete comfort. It is recommended to arrive early to see the sunset and choose the perfect spot on the beach. After the meditation session, it will be possible to take part in a sharing moment dedicated to those who wish to participate.

To confirm participation, call 349 0630919.

The organizers are looking forward to sharing this creative and interesting experience with all participants.

It should be noted that participation in the event is free of charge for participants.

An unrivaled opportunity to immerse yourself in meditation and the arts in a unique and captivating context.

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