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And when flying abroad we choose a gift (for us, thank you) in the spaces designed by Peter Marino on the upper floors Tiffany Fifth Avenue, in NYC. Are we having a birthday? Surely it’s wonderful residence in Los Angeles What John Lautnermaster of American modernism, designed sixty years ago for Messrs. Sheets and bought in 1972 by James Goldstein, as James himself reminds us of our Valentine Ruggie.

Designed for parties and movies, the Sheats-Goldstein Residence, John Lautner’s masterpiece in Los Angeles, is 60 years old.Philip Poly

Ile Beke and Louise Lemoine, the creators of the video, the great architects have told, now in a magnificent volume, what they usually never tell, because it is very personal. Me too’atlas of queer architecture is a personal diary, and among the spaces where the LGBT community could meet and feel at home, welcome, protected, respected, I like to remember Cathedral of Santiago Apostle Managua.

Ila Beca, Italian, and Louise Lemoine, French, are a pair of artist-artists from Venice. After many famous independent films about architecture, they have just released their first book, The Emotional Power of Space (published by B&P).Heloise Lalanne

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