Seremi de Salud Scales up hepatitis and tetanus vaccination in communities affected by the frontal lobe system

After affecting the front-line system in the south-central region of the country, in order to safeguard the health of the people, the Seremy Health Department’s team went to various communes with the aim of strengthening the various tetanus and hepatitis vaccination programs that must be carried out due to the prevalence in these regions. Pathological condition.

Carolina Torres Pinto of the O’Higgins Regional Health Department noted, “The Epidemiology Network made precautionary contact with the chiefs to make sure we have a vaccine available because we know these events Multiple occurrences put citizens at risk due to exposure to sewage. We have mobilized and verified that, where appropriate, vaccines are being used due to epidemiological risks. It is noteworthy that if teams transport vaccines to Seremia If there is any difficulty with the attached vaccine and immunization warehouse, we are arranging the delivery of the vaccine.”

Likewise, the health authority noted that the status of shelters set up in the area has also been reviewed, “We know that these spaces should be set up in many communes; it is important that people there have safe access to food and that we can also test in due course.” water for human consumption in order to keep it in good condition and in compliance with the requirements of the Mayor and his technical team to respond to needs.”

Finally, Dr Torres Pinto thanked all the health staff at O’Higgins, “It is important to emphasize the role these teams play in the care network, in all areas of primary and hospital care, because despite this, when we have several While officials are affected by this incident, they can always guarantee the continuity of services to citizens.”

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